Rome's Colosseum, also known in Italian as Colosseo or Anfiteatro Flavio, is one of the world's best-known sites from antiquity, and for something built in 80 AD, it's holding up very well. It was here that the Roman emperors watched gladiators stage battles to the death and hunt wild animals. The Colosseum set the model for all modern-day stadiums — the only difference being that today's teams survive their games.

The stadium was built so that both royalty and the public could enjoy the violent spectacles, although viewers were seated by social rank and wealth. While gladiatorial games were banned in 438 AD, the wild beast hunting continued until 523 AD. The Colosseum is also known for its complex and advanced architecture, much of which is still in tact despite the site being used as a quarry for building materials at various points in history.

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