Singapore Tour Package

Singapore is truly unique. Singapore is a modern day cultural fusion point of entire Southeast Asia. The country is renowned for top notch technological innovation, high value professional services, quality of life and for its hospitality services. Singapore is blessed with a prime strategic location in the Southeast Asia and is a major cultural and economic centre of this region. Singapore is a glamorous and glitzy city with state of the art technology and innovation coupled with world famous hospitality. This small island nation is highly urbanized and unfortunately lost a large tract of rainforest but thankfully the country is now preserving the remaining portion of rainforest efficiently. Singapore is continuously growing and is expanding its territory by reclaiming land from sea. Singapore is one of the premier business and financial centres of the world and its port is one of the busiest ports in the world. Singapore is the unique fusion pot of Southeast Asia and mutually coexists with Indian, Chinese and Islamic Malaysian culture.

The legend says that one Javanese prince first landed in the island of Singapore and saw a mythical creature, which he presumed a lion, following this he christened the island as ‘Singapura’ which in Sanskrit means ‘lion city’.

Price Range : $ 386 to $ 1238

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