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“China is a country of vast range of cultivation of Electronics ,Garments & Auto Parts production in the world.” – As well as consumer goods & general products & land of different industrialists.

Giant China International Limited is leading in international trading which is China base company at Hong Kong.We introduce ourselves as leading exporter & importer of Electronics ,Garments & Auto Parts products and consumer goods & general products worldwide. We do export and import services from Hong Kong and we believe in long term business with our valuable customers.

we specialize in providing quality product which is selected best of the best to our customers and we are highly conscious & specific about quality & time frame services.

Definition: Exports are the goods and services produced in one country and purchased by citizens of another country. It doesn't matter what the good or service is. It doesn't matter how it is sent. It can be shipped, sent by email, or carried in personal luggage on a plane. If it is produced domestically and sold to someone from a foreign country, it is an export. For example, American tourism products and services can be exports.

Even though they are produced in the United States, they are exports when they’re sold to foreigners who are visiting. If an overseas friend sends you money to buy a pair of jeans to mail to them, that's also an export. (Source: Department of Commerce.)

China Exports of Electronic Goods (1991-2018) Exports of Electronic Goods in China decreased to 31.24 USD Billion in February from 36.63 USD Billion in January of 2017. Exports of Electronic Goods in Hong Kong averaged 14.05 USD Billion from 1991 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 57.51 USD Billion in February of 2011 and a record low of 0.24 USD Billion in July of 1991.

Giant China International Limited Import and Export Ningbo Company engages in import and export of electronic equipment and appliance; components and devices; parts and accessories; raw and supplementary materials; meters and instruments; mechanical equipment, light industrial products, too implements. It accepts entrutment of acting as an agent to conduct import and export business, provides technical service, maintenance, and consignment sales. In addition to this, it undertakes warehousing, packing, and transportation for the imported items. The company was incorporated in 2002 and is based in Hong Kong.

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Giant China International Limited provides personalized, responsive travel service, based first and foremost on the travel needs of the client, with special attention to detail, value for cost, and professional courtesy.

• We provide such service through an organization whose character and persona attract the most qualified workers; one that challenges and fully develops individual talents, encourages vigorous collaboration to drive the agency ahead, and maintains Travel-On’s principles, corporate values, and integrity.

Through the successful pursuit of our commitments, we aim to make our service a model for the industry; and as a result of our success, as our business and our people grow, we contribute to the prosperity of the communities in which we live and work.